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Optimising 5 key phrases for your accountancy site

Expert SEO for accountants.

Focusing around your key services and location(s) to help your site generate genuine, relevant leads for your firm.

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The SEO service we offer is known as searchPHRASE and involves optimising up to 5 key phrases (eg accountants in Leicester, tax advisers in Leicester, etc) for your site, this is all included in the standard website monthly fee of just £105+VAT per month*.

Our mission

There is a lot of mis-information and mis-selling associated with the SEO industry, our mission is deliver a no-nonsense approach with the aim of delivering long-term quality leads for our clients.

It works as follows...

We will help develop a suitable SEO strategy for your firm. This will focus around your key services and location(s) to ensure that your site is visible in the relevant searches.

1. Initial consultation to select appropriate phrases

We’ll talk to you about:

  • Your website
  • Your firm
  • Your marketing goals
  • The kind of prospects you hope to attract

This will enable us to suggest five key phrases to optimise that are both realistic and relevant to your firm.

*If you wish to optimise more than 5 phrases for your site then we offer an additional optimisation service for £60+VAT per month for each additional set of 5 phrases.

2. Optimisation

Once we’ve established the goals, we’ll begin the optimisation process. The specific work involved will vary from site to site, but will typically include:

  • A full analysis of your site using tailored webmaster tools
  • Adjusting the wording on the site in specific places
  • Modifying the code behind particular pages
  • Improving internal linking on your site
  • Adding relevant external links to ‘authority’ sites
  • Obtaining links in to the site
  • Using social media tools (Twitter, blogs, LinkedIn) and directories to enhance the site’s visibility
  • Ongoing monitoring of the way that Google and other search engines are traversing the site, and fixes and enhancements made as appropriate
  • Ongoing analysis to ensure that the site reacts to changes in Google criteria

3. Reporting

After an initial 'baseline' report, we provide comprehensive monthly reporting of the positions of your phrases, including:

  • An overview and summary with positioning of all phrases
  • Detailed breakdown of phrase or keyword by search engine
  • Detailed breakdown of search engine by keyword or phrase
  • Trend report – showing movement over time and allowing you to track performance

Third Party SEO

If you wish to employ a third party to optimise your site, then we will work with them and follow their instructions. However please note that we won’t be able to provide our own SEO service alongside this (as they often conflict) and we won't be responsible for the results produced. What we often find is that those customers who have been sold an "amazing" SEO service by another company often come back to us, due to both cost and results.

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