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An overview of our modern responsive website design options for your new website.

Our solution combines modern responsive designs that will adapt to your device, first-class content and cutting-edge technology with excellent value for money.

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A local focus

These designs are perfect if you are a local practice offering a range of services to suit a general client base.

Design example eleven

Design 11 UPDATED

A modern design with a large hero banner image and full colour icon based calls to action to encourage users to explore other areas of the site.

Works great with local photography or a strong corporate image to promote your firm within your local area.

Full colour icons included to promote individual services, factsheets and resources

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Website design one example

Design 1

This design takes on a more minimalistic feel without overusing brand colours and instead using (changeable) light greys throughout with block style calls to action.

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Website design six example

Design 6

A hassle free choice for the busy accountant who needs a quick simple solution with the buzz of a modern clean and performing site.

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Your specialisms

If you are looking to highlight a particular specialism or service, these designs are adaptable to showcase your firm's offering.

Website design three example

Design 3

This design draws attention through the use of strong local, or relevant photography. Cleverly divided page sections help users focus on where they need to navigate.

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Website design four example

Design 4

This design uses a clean display of imagery and calls to action. An easy to navigate layout that helps to highlight your firm's services.

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Website design eight example

Design 8

A design that's less content heavy. A very clean, modern layout with engaging elements throughout the individual areas of the main pages.

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A sales focus

These designs include prominent calls to action so that any website visitor can easily make an enquiry about a service.

Website design two example

Design 2

This design is a winner when it comes to showcasing your firm and services. It has a strong visual appeal whilst keeping the core elements of good content in focus.

Conveys a dynamic, proactive approach.

Eye catching design and animated elements on the large home page rotating carousel.

Showcases services with clear animated calls to action.

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Website design seven example

Design 7

A design which adapts beautifully in width and height to a clients viewport. Works really well with customer focused imagery.

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Website design ten example

Design 10

This design utilises a more illustrative look and feel. Using soft lines and flowing curves throughout.

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A little different

These eye catching, some may say 'quirky', designs will set you apart from the crowd.

Website design five example

Design 5

Large block styled elements really bring this design together and help focus the user on the main calls to action.

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Website design nine example

Design 9 UPDATED

We've updated this quirky, modern design to use a mix of both photos and vectors. Try incorporating some strong colours to make it stand out.

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Website design thirteen example

Design 13 UPDATED

A modern, rotating banner design, which utilises a vast array of icons linking to the different sections and pages.

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Website design ten example

Design 12

A very modern home page for those who wish to promote a number of sections / services, providing a more structured and organised layout to the 'norm' through the use of a masonry style grid.

  • Unique responsive home page layout
  • Engaging link effects encouraging users to click and explore the site
  • Clean and tidily laid out site sections
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Website design seven example

Design 14

A newer take on the masonry style design, enabling you to promote and bring in to focus a variety of services and offerings on your initial home page.

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Bespoke design

If you're looking for a unique website design, our team can produce a bespoke design for you that matches your requirements and corporate image.

There is a one off set-up fee for this, typically £500 to £2500, depending on your requirements.

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