Keeping your site up-to-date couldn't be easier and it’s all part of the package. This is how it works...

Looking after you and your site.

Having an out-of-date website can be very damaging for your business but with Mercia totalSOLUTION your website content will always be up-to-date... it’s all part of the package.

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You can make as many text and image amends to your site as you like, all for free, this includes additional pages and posting regular content for you. Our team are happy to help and here to advise you on the most suitable solution for your requirements.

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Website text

If you want to make a change to the brochure sections of your website (ie home page, about us, services, contact us, etc) then simply email the details to us and our team will make the updates for you.

This way you don’t have to learn any new software or HTML, and our team of graphic designers will ensure that any updates are consistent with the branding of the site.

We promise to make these changes within 2 working days, but they normally happen on the same working day. We are continually complimented on the quality and immediacy of the service we provide.

You can make as many changes as often as you like.

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Factsheets and resources

The technical team at Mercia ensure that these sections are always up-to-date, you don’t have to lift a finger ...

  • The factsheets are updated throughout the year
  • Tax tables, calculators, the tax calendar and registration freebies are updated at the end of the fiscal year (and throughout the year as necessary)
  • News and market data are added on a monthly basis
  • The Budget report and Autumn Statement report are updated in the early hours of the morning following the announcements.

The Mercia technical team ensures that your website content is always of a high quality and is up-to-date.

Biennial makeover

Every two years we'll offer you the opportunity to have a freshen up of the design of your website or to swap to one of our other designs. This will keep your site fresh and avoid the design becoming dated.

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