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If you’re happy with your current website we can easily provide you with valuable resources for your clients and prospects to use.

resourceCENTRE is a complete suite of website content for accountancy firms. Ideal for those firms who already have a website and simply want to add more content and functionality.

resourceCENTRE is £65+VAT per month. No set-up fee.

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resourceCENTRE provides a collection of Mercia resources that can be added to your website. It's an online dataset, which means that you (or your webmaster) never have to update these resources - we automatically do all the updating for you to ensure that the technical content is never out of date.

What's included?

1. Factsheets

There are over 100 factsheets, which have been written in a language your clients will understand. They are always relevant and technically updated twice a year, when new topics are added.

resourceCENTRE with emails

For an additional £15 per month you can also add the following:

  • emailing eNEWS out to your clients, contacts and prospects as a branded monthly newswire.
  • The Spring Statement report is sent out as a branded email the day after the announcement.
  • The Budget report is sent out as a branded email the day after the announcement.

resourceCENTRE with emails is £80+VAT per month. No set-up fee.

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How does it work?

If you have the ability to utilise data feeds within your site then we have a full API you can use to add the feeds to your site, we also have a Wordpress plugin available. Our content is designed to work responsively and so if you have a responsive site, this will be ideal for you. You can alternatively use iframes to display the content within your site. If you're not sure what the best solution is for you then please ask us to help you decide.

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All of the above content (and more) is included within our website package

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