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Portal and cloud accounting software

If you currently use cloud accounting or portal software, such as IRIS OpenSpace, Xero, Sage, Intuit or one of the many other options available, we can easily integrate this into your website. This will allow you to enhance your business offering to your clients and provide them with a secure facility for transferring files.

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contactMANAGER is an online administration system where you can access a database of everyone registered on your website. Here you can:

  • add new users
  • bulk upload a contact list (or email the list to us and we'll do this for you)
  • edit the profiles of those who've registered
  • download all the contact details to update your own systems.

When you add / upload new users you can sign them up to receive your monthly newsletters and taxREMINDERs. Every email sent out has an unsubscribe link to give recipients the freedom to unsubscribe from these services should they wish to.

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"Welcome to our website" mailing

Once online you can send us a list of your clients' email addresses and we'll send out a "Please take a look at our new website" email to each of them. The email briefly describes the features, benefits and tools available on your site. As with all of our mailings, the email will look like it's come from you in an attractive HTML format.

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Visitors to your website are given numerous opportunities to register on your website. Registration will give visitors access a monthly email newsletter, taxREMINDERs, Budget reports delivered to their inbox the day after the budget and bonus freebies. The bonus freebies include include tax and property related factsheets.

Upon registration, the system will send an email to you with the registrant's contact details. The registrant will also receive an email thanking them for registering and including the freebies that the site promised them. If they've registered to receive eNEWS and taxREMINDERS then these will automatically be sent out on the appropriate dates.

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Hosting, domains & stats

We will host your website in our own private cloud, making sure that it's available 24/7. We already host thousands of websites and have comprehensive systems in place to make sure your site is always online and regularly backed up.

If you already own a domain then we can use this as the address for your new Mercia totalSOLUTION site, and we'll sort out all the technical issues for you to make this happen.

We provide comprehensive online website statistics so you can track how much your site is being used and who's using it. Find out which pages are the most popular, how often people come back to your site and how long they spend on your site. We can also set up Google Analytics in the site for you.

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We can build bespoke website forms for your site, for data capture, registration, seminar bookings, questionnaires, recruitment forms, free offers, etc. We can also take online payments via PayPal, Worldpay, sagePay and Barclays ePDQ.

We will build any simple forms required as part of the monthly fee. If your requirements are more complex then we will quote you a fee to build any complex, bespoke forms.

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Website search

Every page on the site has a search field on it. A user can enter the topic they're interested in and it will search your site for that topic.

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The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 1995 was introduced with the intention of comprehensively tackling the discrimination which many disabled people face. Changes to the DDA that came into effect in 1999 and 2004 have now created a legal duty for websites to be made accessible. The definition of accessibility includes blind and partially sighted users.

Our sites are built to be used to people of all abilities / disabilities on a range of different devices. We also include a page of information on accessibility on every site to help users with particular requirements.

Free directory listing

A free listing in our online directory of accountants. Our directory has been particularly successful and performs well across the search engines.

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