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More HMRC guidance on the Employment Allowance
The Employment Allowance of up to £2,000 is available to most employers from 6 April 2014.
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P11D forms don't get them wrong
HMRC have published a list of common errors in the completion of forms P11D and guidance that medical benefits for lower paid employees are not reportable.
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Shared Parental Leave
The current system of statutory pay and leave entitlements for employed parents is to be reformed for babies due (or adopted children placed) on or after 5 April 2015.
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Icebreaker tax avoidance scheme rejected by HMRC
In a high profile decision HMRC has won a case in which the Icebreaker partnership schemes were shut down, after the tribunal ruled it was set up to shelter more than £120m in tax. 
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Pay your PAYE on time or face in-year interest on late payments
HMRC have issued further guidance on late payment interest on PAYE and CIS payments for 2014/15 onwards and how to avoid it.
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VAT update and fuel scale charges
HMRC have issued guidance on a number of VAT changes.
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Proposed new rules for easier prosecution of offshore tax evaders
The government will consult on plans to introduce a new strict liability criminal offence for individuals who hide their money offshore.
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