Using LinkedIn to improve your personal online presence

LinkedIn is a social networking site that allows you to build a network of business contacts and share content with them. It is a useful tool to expand and improve relationships as well as build trust and credibility among your contacts. We have highlighted four pointers to help you maximise your LinkedIn potential.

23 Nov

Bringing Business Tax Into The Digital Age

By 2020, most businesses, self-employed people and landlords will be required to use software or apps (“digital tools”) to keep their business records and to provide regular updates of information. This first consultation looks at how HMRC intend to make this happen.

19 Sep

What Do We Know So Far About Making Tax Digital?

In 2015, HMRC announced significant changes to the future of the tax system – the move into a digital world for tax administration. HMRC have not released a lot of the fine details on these changes but we do know that they include digital tax accounts, quarterly tax reporting and possible changes to when and how tax can be paid.

18 Jul

7 Common mistakes businesses make on social media

Find out the 7 Common mistakes businesses make on social media

21 Jun

How communication has evolved

I called the bank this morning to request the closure of one of my personal bank accounts. Three call transfers later I eventually was told by the call handler that I had to inform them of the requested closure by letter. ‘A letter?’ I asked ‘Can I do it by email instead or even easier, do it online?’ It was explained why a letter was the only option, something to do with security and the bank needing my signature.

10 May

A guide to social media advertising for B2B marketers

Social media is a proven way of accumulating an audience that is accessible en masse. With millions of consumers using social media, businesses should consider using it as part of their marketing strategy.

22 Apr

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